“We manage $58M in committed capital across two venture capital funds”

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IM Capital, the implementing partner of the USAID MENA Investment Initiative (MENA II) in Lebanon, provides Matching Capital, Equity Guarantee, and Support Programs to a broad range of qualified early-stage business and investors in Lebanon, reducing the risks associated with investing in early-stage businesses and encouraging increased capitalization.

The USAID-funded MENA Investment Initiative is a $20M program designed to unlock equity capital, deploy targeted technical assistance, and offset investment risk by providing investment insurance.

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IM Ventures, the implementing partner of the USAID Lebanon Investment Initiative (LII), works in partnership with business incubators, business accelerators, business angels, venture capital and private equity funds to co-fund or partially insure their investments, and provide needed technical support, to a broad spectrum of businesses in Lebanon ranging from seed stage to growth phase.

The USAID-funded Lebanon Investment Initiative is a $38M program designed to invest in and support startups in realizing their growth ambitions.