SoLR& Renewable Energy Fund (SoLR&)


The SoLR& Renewable Energy Fund is a special purpose vehicle which aims to provide local growth-stage companies (Commercial and Industries) with an opportunity to switch to renewable and efficient energies.

Fund Target

To finance up to 25 growth-stage businesses operating out of Lebanon with sustainable business models and looking to invest in efficient and renewable energies.


SoLR& offers a rental scheme which allows you the below:

  • Benefit from cash flow positive solar PV.
  • Boost business’ bottom line and achieve immediate savings, by significantly reducing electricity costs quickly, easily and with no upfront cost.
  • Allow companies to increase the hours of production.
  • Replace already scarce and expensive diesel fuel.
  • Reduce their overhead expenses.
  • Reduce the negative environmental impact and pollution.
  • Avoid the purchase by SMEs of fuel from ad-hoc and often unwanted sources.
  • Help sustain entities’ operations and hence maintain and create jobs.


Commercial & Industries (C&I) – Sector agnostic

Fund Selection Criteria

  • Growth-stage companies (Commercial & Industries)
  • Turnover > $500K
  • Energy Savings > 30% of current power consumption
  • Profitable Business
  • Employees > 20
  • Availability of Energy Audit and/or Assessment
  • Project payback period < 5 years

Tickets: Between $200K - $2M
Term of Financing: Up to 5 years
Proposed Financial Instrument: Rental Agreement

You can apply via the link below:

For more info, email us at:

[email protected]

For Solar Providers, you can download the technical guideline and qualifications criteria below.

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