Feb 26, 2024
IM Fndng participates in Web Summit Qatar 2024
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Web Summit is the world's largest technology event bringing together international tech giants, startups, industry experts and tech enthusiasts from all over the world, and opening doors to networking and growth opportunities for young and aspiring entrepreneurs in Qatar and the region.

Edward Melki, IM Fndng’s Senior Investment Manager, attended the Web Summit Qatar. The 4-day conference was held in Qatar for the first time and took place at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) from the 26th till the 29th of February.

During the Summit, Edward interacted with the founders of some of IM’s portfolio companies who happened to be attending the conference such as Kamkalima, Moodfit, Shelvz, Drapp. He also took the opportunity to network with some of the ecosystem’s most innovative and promising startups.

Web Summit Qatar was a truly impressive forum where thousands of international entrepreneurs, investors, tech experts, and next-gen leaders mingled and rubbed shoulders,” said Edward.

Edward further capitalized on his presence at the Web Summit by attending some very interesting sessions which took place on the conference’s center stage tackling topics such as AI, Fintech, SaaS, fundraising, and the art of pitching. During the event, participants including Edward socialized and enjoyed a fantastic night summit which was held on February 28 in one of Doha’s prominent beach clubs where an impressive drone show and fireworks lit up the skies of Doha.