May 04, 2023
Bokja Creates Embroidered Table Sets and cushions for a special event in courchevel
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Bokja, one of IM portfolio companies, was chosen to create embroidered table sets and cushions for the OC special high-end event in Courchevel.

One of the sets showcases the cedar tree, a revered "super tree" with cultural significance in Lebanon and beyond. The embroidery captures the grand tiered silhouette of the cedar using loose hanging threads to create a layered effect. Another table set features golden wheat, symbolizing health and wealth. Additionally, an embroidery of pine trees commemorates the victory of saving the Bisri Valley from a planned dam construction in 2020. The pine trees symbolize the guardians of the land who fought to protect the Lebanese pine forest, and their strength is reflected in the fertile ancient soil. This embroidery serves as a reminder of the sweet smell of pine trees that lingers in the Lebanese mountains and the importance of preserving nature for future generations.

With its team of talented artisans and designers from over 10 countries, Bokja seeks to preserve a local craft tradition by redefining it in a contemporary voice.