Mar 20, 2023
ANTOUN MOUAWAD, SPEAKER AT THE Solar Market Outlook 2023: Lebanon
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The Lebanon Solar Market Conference was held on Monday, March 20, from 9:30 am till 3:00 pm, at Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut.

This event provided an in-depth understanding of maximizing the energy output efficiently with use of right technology and overcoming common challenges in the region. The one-day conference focused on the rapidly evolving rooftop solar market in Lebanon, bringing together experts and stakeholders from the solar industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the rooftop solar market in Lebanon and to explore strategies for accelerating its growth.

The conference featured presentations and a panel discussion on a range of topics related to rooftop solar in Lebanon, including market trends, policy and best practices for system design and installation.

Antoun Mouawad, VP Investment at IM Fndng, was invited to join as a speaker the session titled “Navigating the Supply Chain: Overcoming Market Challenges to Drive Solar Adoption in Lebanon” and which tackled the below:

  • Lessons from 2022, identifying and addressing key Solar Market Challenges in Lebanon
  • What market factors impact the profitability of solar companies in Lebanon?
  • How to formulate a successful solar project components sourcing strategy which determines what to buy and from where?
  • What is the impact of effective supply chain on the overall LCOE of a splar project? How to address the challenges faced in supply chain management in Lebanon’s solar industry?
  • How to evaluate the lifecycle costs and performance considerations of various technologies and equipment’s for a utility-scale solar project?
  • What role do technological advancements and innovation play in growth of Lebanon’s solar industry?