Apr 14, 2023
5 questions to describe the business by Digital Prestige CEO, Rime Diab
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Rime Diab, Founder & CEO of Digital Prestige, answers five questions about her business, and how is her solution unique from the other available services in the market.

Q: Name your company, describe your services and the basic concept.

A: At Digital Prestige (www.digitalprestige.com) we specialize in end-to-end development of high impact systems, providing technological solutions to start-ups and companies that are seeking to innovate and need support in developing their ideas.

We engrain high standard tech delivery processes in companies. We take their idea from concept to real, at lower cost, higher quality and faster pace.

A software conceptualizer and creator, our fully trained end to end agile methodology-oriented teams will guide them through their solutions.

We launch minimum viable products (MVPs) or scale digital products embracing Agile to increase development speed, expand collaboration, and foster the ability to better respond to market trends

We work in a customer centric manner. Our process-oriented teams reduce error margins and deliver faster.

The user experience and design squads customize your product specifically for your industry. Value innovation is our goal.

Q: Tell us how your organization has re-engineered and re-energized its business operations with digitalization.

A: We re-engineered the way custom software solutions are delivered. We customized a delivery process and pricing model that is powered by a phased and ongoing technology, iterative delivery approach.

We utilize online tools to automate the flow of the team's work and we perform ongoing deployments using various source code management tools and services to demo live code to our clients on a biweekly basis.

Q: How is your solution solving its target users’ paint points and making their daily lives better?

A: The pain points of organizations needing technology software/solution/systems are major. The rarity of service providers that deliver 'Phased' and 'Process-oriented' solutions is the problem. At Digital Prestige we are enablers of such solutions and we aim to make the lives of organizations better during their path to digital transformation. Additionally, we empower and educate executives/CEOs on what it takes to own a software and a process that ensures long term, sustainable, high quality and scalable systems.

Q: How have you optimized your user experience in every step with technology and innovation?

A: With the use of custom user experience technology tools, we are working in a customer centric manner to listen to our clients and execute their business visions in a very tailored and custom way. This allows for innovation and creation of unique innovative software, which businesses can compete with globally.

Q: How is your solution unique from the other available services in the market?

A: No other emerging custom software solution company works in a 'phased and highly process-oriented' approach, which in return lowers cost and increases buyer value, putting us in a blue ocean separated from the competition.